7th Annual Divide Ride in
Philipsburg, Montana

Located on Montana Route 1, the Pintlar Scenic Highway, 74 miles southeast of Missoula, and 60 miles west of Butte. Centered in the heart of Flint Creek Valley, the town of 960 offers the visitor a dramatic view of wildlife, history, scenery, outdoor recreation — including lake and stream fishing, downhill and cross country skiing, snowmobiling, camping, hiking and this year, organized four wheeling. Museums, 1800s architecture, historic mines, tours, sapphire prospecting or ghost town exploration are all accessible within minutes of town.

Philipsburg was designated as a town in 1867, and was known as the merchantile center of the region and many of the buildings still standing on Broadway, and on the hill were constructed at that time.

Although Philipsburg began as a gold and silver mining town, the diversity and adaptability of the people allowed the town to survive. When the gold and silver ran out, they turned to manganese needed by the steel mills during WWI, and then for the manufacture of dry cell batteries. Today, only one mine still operates in the area. No longer able to depend strictly on mining, the area has evolved to agriculture, recreation and tourism with Georgetown Lake, the Pintlar Scenic Route and several wilderness areas in the vicinity, as well as a wealth of wildlife of all shapes and sizes.

Wednesday, July 13th
Registration 2 pm - 7 pm
Drivers meeting, trail signup 7 pm

Thursday, July 14th
Registration continues
Trail ride departure  - in morning
Appetizer Potluck - in evening
Drivers meeting, trail signup 8 pm

Friday, July 15th
Trail ride departure - in morning
Ice Cream Social 8 pm
Drivers meeting, trail signup 8 pm

Saturday, July 16th
Trail ride departure - in morning
Barbecue Dinner 6 pm
Prize drawings throughout evening

Sunday, July 17th
Breakfast 6:30-9 am

other events may be added.
Morning coffee and pastries
will be available each morning.

Fresh trail selection sheets
with recommended equipment
will be posted daily.

Campfires, motorcycles, ATVs,
quads, etc are not allowed at camp.
Dogs are discouraged, but if brought,
they must be on a leash at all times.
Owners are responsible for clean up
of all droppings. Proof of current
vaccinations must be provided.
Questions? Call Cindy St. Clair406-883-1110 (Days) or 406-883-3994  (Evenings)
or email: family4x@polson.ne
Montana requires vehicles to be licensed and insured to operate on roads. We recommend trail rigs have a full roll bar, full roll cage or a factory hard top; functional parking brake or line lock; a tow strap or rope - recommended 2 times your vehicles weight; a family first aid kit; a jack capable of lifting your vehicle, a spare tire within 3 in. of the tires you run on your vehicle; a fire extinguisher mounted within reach of the driver; seat belts or harnesses for the driver and each passenger - in Montana it is the law; battery held down - not with bungee cords; and if you have an antenna exceeding 4 ft 6 in in length, that you tie it down so it does not whip the other participants.