Rally for public access on Sept 9 2006

Submitted by mh on Wed, 08/30/2006 - 16:11

Enough is enough!

Rally will be held at the Helena state capitol building, Noon on Sept 9, 2006. Lets ask the Governor and Attorney General to drop the lawsuit against the Bush Administration and give the people of Montana a say on roadless issues. We as Montana citizens (not someone from DC) have the right to have the input on what happens on our public lands.

Bring your toys and trucks to show the Governor that we don't need any more land of "NO USE"

View the poster here:

Flathead Region Management Plan

Submitted by tsm1 on Tue, 06/20/2006 - 18:42

The USFS Region 1
Proposed Land Management Plan for the Bitterroot, Flathead, and Lolo National Forests is up for public comment. Public comment period closes August 7, 2006. We've got a busy month coming up.

Please help western Montana wheelers maintain and improve our recreational access!!


The Bitterroot, Lolo, and Flathead National Forests are revising their land management plans to reflect new scientific information as well as natural and social changes that have accumulated since the original plans were prepared, in the 1980s.