How to add an Event to the Calendar

Does your club have regular meetings? Would you like to advertise them?

How about an upcoming club event - trail ride, race, show and shine, swap meet, or public service event?

Add them to the M4x4A site in a few easy steps. One reward for adding these items yourself - you can then edit them or revise them as necessary should the information change.

First things first - you have to find the "Create Content" item on the menu.


Then you have to choose to create a Date.


Now enter a title.

If this is a one-time event, just enter the date and start/end times. A pop-up calendar is available to help you get the date right.

If a recurring event (monthly meetings) you must provide the start date and a "until" date to continue the event (forever doesn't seem to be an option)


You must choose Repeat Every / Month for a monthly meeting for the Advanced options to work.

It should resemble this:


For regular club meetings, at the bottom, please UNCHECK the "Promoted to front page" box. For one-time events, feel free to leave it in place.


You may then PREVIEW or just simply SAVE your work.

You may embed links or images within the body of the Date, just the same as another Story entry. That is covered in another post.