2012 m4x4a Award nominations

Submitted by C2T on Mon, 03/04/2013 - 20:36

2012 Award Nominations
It's time to think about who to honor for 2012. 4-Wheeler of the Year, Junior 4-Wheeler of the Year, and the John Hazard Memorial Award (Conservation) nominations are due by March 20. It was decided at the Feb. delegates meeting to send nominations to the M4x4A Secretary, Stacey Osborne who will disperse them to the correct people who will make the decision. Send them c/o Stacey Osborne, 500 Lois Place, Laurel, MT 59044 or email spidycats@q.com. Past winners who received an email recently from M4x4A Sec., Stacey Osborne - that haven’t yet replied - please do so!!