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The Skyliners are based at the south end of Flathead Lake, in Polson.

The Skyliners 4 Wheel Drive Club meets at 7:00 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month at the Polson VFW.

For more info contact:

* President: Rob 883-3994
* Vice President: John 675-0253
* Secretary: Nancy 883-2851
* Treasurer: Mark 849-5380

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West to East, North to South, the 2008 BFGoodrich Tires Outstanding Trails

Submitted by tsm1 on Sun, 04/06/2008 - 23:35

LOS ANGELES – March 11, 2008 – Adding to an already impressive list of North

American off-road trails, BFGoodrich® Tires announced today, the continuation of its Outstanding Trails program and six new trails for 2008. Over the past two years, the Outstanding Trails program has recognized 11 off-road trails in 10 states and one in Canada. Launched in 2006, the Outstanding Trails program is dedicated to the responsible use, and preservation of, off-road trails while providing aid in the trails’ conservation efforts.

BFGoodrich Tires, in collaboration with Tread Lightly! and United Four Wheel Drive Associations (UFWDA), is proud to present the trails for this year’s program:

Blacktail/Wild Bill National Recreation Trail, Mont.

Hello from Skyliner Country!

Submitted by JoeRoss on Tue, 09/17/2002 - 01:50

Things have been fun over here. We've been scouting around for new areas to go. Some of these places have been interesting and fun spots. Last month we found a spot that offered a great trail ride to get to this one area, then it was a heavenly delight! you had a good hill climb, some rough roads, and places to play some 4X4 games. Then, to top it off, there was a big mud hole to play in. For added beauty, there was a creek just beyond the trees that was a back drop for our pot luck lunch. One drawback, it takes about one hour of highway driving to get there.

Skyliners July Report

Submitted by JoeRoss on Mon, 07/15/2002 - 11:01

Hi 4 wheelers,

Hope all are surviving the heat! We've done our highway clean-up before this all hit. Whew, good thing!

As for any thing else, we're planning a salad pot luck for July 21st. Joe, Rob, Frank, Preston, and a friend to Preston have been scouting out new trails for us in the upper Nine Mile area.

As some of you know from Convention, the Tribe spoke of posting "road closed" signs. Well, it has happened! Now, we're trying to find some alternatives.

Otherwise, we're quiet over here. During the summer, we've decided to hold our meetings at the lake and put together a pot luck dinner before the meeting.

I hope everyone is having a good summer and keep cool!

Mickie Sec./ RVP

Skyliners January newsletter

Submitted by JoeRoss on Mon, 01/14/2002 - 16:00

It looks like all enjoyed the holidays!

So with that announcement, LET’S GO PLAY SOME UP IN THE HILLS!

Looks like we will be going to Lake Mary Ronan, on Jan. 20, 2002. We will meet at the Horseshoe at 9:30A.M.

As we travel north, we will pick up anyone that is going with us for the day. Of course there is a stay warm tailgate potluck planned. Taco soup is on the menu, so bring something to go with it. Also there is going to be, hot cocoa and hot apple cider, to help warm you up. If in question of what to bring call Jan 8833446 or Mickie 6763268, maybe we can give you an idea.

One thing not to forget is the sleds! Hopefully, we will find some snow. So let’s have some fun!

At our meeting, we have discussed the proposal, for State Convention to be held over again. Rob, has gathered up all the information for the proposal, and it will be presented at the Delegates meeting, in Helena on Jan. 19.

So here is hoping the Skyliner’s can get the east to meet the west!!

We would like to say WELCOME to , two new members, Curtis Ward and Stephanie St. Clair.

Just a note of thanks, to the Brown family for the wonderful place to have a Christmas party. It was sure nice to see a lot of people there. It was a good time and fine eating, thanks so much.

Lost but not forgotten, is the Birthdays for January. We have Joe Ross and Stephanie St. Clair.


Do hope to see you trail riding this next weekend!!! So long for now.

Thanks, Mickie