HJ 18 Being Discussed - Friday Feb, 11th

Submitted by WD40 on Fri, 02/11/2005 - 13:36

From the MWA:
No, we're not members, but we do get their emails.

Here's the text from their email on Thursday, Feb 10th:


Dear Wilderness Supporter:

Representative Dennis Himmelberger (R) Billings has drafted a joint resolution, HJ 18, that would recommend that Congress pass legislation to stop the U.S. Forest Service and the BLM from closing roads on federal lands. For a full text of HJ 18 go to:

The House Natural Resources Committee of the Montana Legislature will hear the bill on Friday February 11th at 3 PM in Room 152 of the Capitol Building in Helena.

What can you do?

The Off-Road Vehicle industry is planning a big turnout for this hearing. Conservationists and supporters of Wilderness need to be there in equal force! Montana's public lands need YOU to come to the hearing, or contact the committee members by phone or by email at the Legislative Comment web page.

Urge the members of the Natural Resource Committee to Vote NO! on HJ 18.

Call and leave a message at (406) 444-4800

Send an email to the members through the Legislative comment page:

Jim Peterson (R) Buffalo Chairman
Jack Ross (R) Absarokee
Chris Harris (D) Bozeman
Norma Bixby (D) Lame Deer
Dee Brown (R) Hungry Horse
Paul Clark (D) Trout Creek
Sue Dickenson (D) Great Falls
George Everett (R) Kalispell
Gail Gutsche (D) Missoula
Ralph Heinert (R) Libby
Larry Jent (D) Bozeman
Llew Jones (R) Conrad
Mike Jopek (D) Whitefish
Carol Lambert (R) Broadus
Ricj Maedje (R) Fortine
Veronica Small-Eastman (D) Lodge Grass
Dave Wanzenreid (D) Missoula

If you can't make the hearing, contact the legislators and let them know that you oppose HJ 18. The hearing is Friday of this week, and they will likely vote on the resolution Monday or Wednesday of next week, so contacts later this week will be important.
If you can only send nine emails, start with the Democratic members of the Committee.

Tell the Committee members that:

* Rehabilitating and closing roads on federal lands is critical to protecting Montana's big game and 5-week elk season.

* Road rehabilitation is vital to our economy - without road rehabilitation Montana's water quality would suffer, damaging fisheries and impairing other uses.

* Road closures are about protecting other values, not about limiting access - being able to drive everywhere limits the options for other users of public lands.

Keep it Wild,

The Montana Wilderness Association
Need more information? Contact John Gatchell at jgatchell@wildmontana.org

January 22nd Run to Occidental

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January 22nd, 2005 Frontier had their second club run of 2005.

We assembled at County Market around 9am. The Mandera in a Scout II, the LaTulips in the Blazer, the Miskos in a Bronco n' F-pickup, guest Scott Klein his is Dodge 250, and [] Lamping in an Explorer.

By 9:30 we managed to get on the road and headed south on I-15 to take the Jefferson City exit.

January Trail Rides

Submitted by edjandj on Mon, 01/10/2005 - 19:57

Magic City 4-Wheelers have 2 trail rides scheduled for January 2005:

Friday, January 14th - trail ride to Clarks Fork Canyon
Saturday, January 15th - trail ride to Red Lodge or Pryors

For both trail rides the meeting place is Burger King in Laurel at 7:30 am.

Jan Delegates Meeting

Submitted by tsm1 on Wed, 01/05/2005 - 23:42

January Delegates Meeting is Saturday, 1/8/05, in Clancy, MT at the Legal Tender, south of Helena on I-15, north of Boulder.

Race Committee will meet following the Delegates Meeting.

Frontier will be having a club trail ride on SUNDAY, the day after the meeting for anyone that would like to go out in the cold n' play after staying over Saturday night.

Frontier Trail Rides January '05

Submitted by tsm1 on Wed, 01/05/2005 - 23:42

Club Trail Rides - All rides meet at County Market, 9am.

SUNDAY, January 9th. This is the day after the Delegates meeting.


SATURDAY, January 22nd.

It's cold out there, so be prepared. Plenty of warm clothes, extra shoes n' socks, etc.

Plus the usual tow-hooks and straps, good tires, full tank of gas, etc.

Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act

Submitted by GPIN on Mon, 01/03/2005 - 12:43

I just wanted to let folks know that there is pending legislation that, if passed, would allow the Forest Service, BLM, and other lands administered by the Interior Department to begin charging a user fee. This means you potentially would have to by an "access" permit to hunt, fish, hike or drive o­n your public lands. Also, there are special permit fees allowed (in addition to the "access" fee) for such activities as: "(1) A group activity., (2) A commercial tour, including commercial aircraft tour., (3) A recreation event., (4) Use of a motorized recreation vehicle., (5) A competitive event..." These were directly quoted from the pending legislation. I have attached it below. This was copied form http://thomas.loc.gov searched for HR3283 (108th congress)

While some may be inclined to say so what, just remember that you currently pay taxes to recreate o­n PUBLIC LANDS. If this legislation passes, you are essentially being taxed twice.

If you are opposed to this concept, please do your part to encourage our congressional delegation to vote against this.

George Jordan
concerned member, Magic City 4-wheelers

BLM-Public Meetings in Helena

Submitted by WD40 on Wed, 12/01/2004 - 12:31

Watch for meeting in your area!

This is about your recreational opportunities.

You are Invited to Public Meetings to Discuss Travel Planning Criteria For the Bureau of Land Management - Butte Field Office Resource Management Plan Revision

The Bureau of Land Management - Butte Field Office will host public meetings to discuss criteria for travel planning on public lands; these criteria are currently being developed as part of the Resource Management Plan (RMP). The public meetings will be tailored to discuss travel planning criteria in five separate areas and are scheduled as follows:

Tuesday, November 30th, North Hills Area, West Valley Volunteer Fire Department, 1165 Forestvale, Helena, 7- 9p.m.

Wednesday, December 1 Scratchgravel Hills West Valley Volunteer Fire Department 1165 Forestvale Helena 7- 9 p.m.

Thursday, December 2 Marysville Area West Valley Volunteer Fire Department 1165 Forestvale Helena 7- 9 p.m.

For additional information please contact Ruth Miller BLM Project Manager at 406-533- 7645 or visit the RMP website at httD:llwww.mt.blm.aovlbdol.