"Jefferson River Watershed Council" against use

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Action Alert

A new group that have called themselves the "Jefferson River Watershed Council" (JRWC) Have formed and are on a mission to secure the lower Jefferson and other watersheds for no use. We must work together to insure that this group is put into its proper place before it grows.

The first JRWC planning meeting will be Weds, April 5th at the Whitehall High School in the Commons Room at 7:00 p.m. Everyone should attend!

Tim Ravndal
Montana Multiple Use Association


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DR06 Registrations in the mail this week 1-23-06

Thanks to the effort of our editor, Stacey Osborne, the DR06 registrations are in the mail this week. Extra forms will be available at the delegates meeting Jan,28. Forms are also available Online Now ....

For information or registration please contact this years chairman Dick Riebe , at djrengraving@peoplepc.com or call at 406-549-3842. Costs have been held to the same as last year in an attempt to show our appreciation to all participants.

Four Wheeling For Fun, Dick Riebe

Our National Forests: Why are there so many closed signs?

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(Note: This is an Excellent, fact-filled and well-researched, that explains succinctly why "environmental" agendas are Trojan Horses. OSVs -- Over the Snow Vehicles -- are not detrimental to national forests or private land. Please share widely with anyone who recreates! Don't snowmobile or use motorized recreation? Just wait ... this agenda will come to your form of recreation, sooner or later!)

January 2, 2006

By Dave Hurwitz daveh-wa@snowmobile-alliance.org

Snowmobile Alliance of Western States